Bulk Materials


SUNBOUNCE provides a huge range of frames as well as one of the largest selections of prime quality fabrics within the photo and movie industry. SUNBOUNCE is specialized in providing extra wide fabrics of up to 500 cm without any seam. They are really manufactured and “MADE IN GERMANY. “ Most of the materials are exclusively made for SUNBOUNCE. All of our screen materials work perfectly together with our frames and make the collapsible, lightweight SUNBOUNCE SYSTEM the leading brand for professionals. SUNBOUNCE constantly designs new colours, structures and patterns to help the artist provide “clean” or “dirty” artificial natural light. SUNBOUNCE’s motto: “Nowadays clean, flat, old-style studio light is boring.” Modern lifestyle photography most of the time requires artificial “natural, dirty light, “ which is neither clean nor flat. All screens are free of optical whitener. All screens are hand-sewn into panels in Germany, ensuring the longest serviceable life and greatest durability. You can rely on SUNBOUNCE materials.