Ref.: 730-200

The LOCATION-TRUCK is the universal means of transport for luggage and heavy photographic equipment. It allows you to effortlessly move up to 150 kg of equipment. With its 20" heavy-duty wheels, the LOCATION-TRUCK manoeuvres easily along dirt tracks and over rough terrain. Weighing only 15 kg and with a load capacity of 150 kg, the LOCATION-TRUCK collapses flat, all of which makes it the ideal means of transportation for solo photographers and film professionals on the move. In its collapsed state, the LOCATION-TRUCK fits into any car boot and can be taken everywhere. The LOCATION-TRUCK is constructed of aluminium and thus protected from rust and corrosion. It's child's play to unfold the LOCATION-TRUCK: simply press the safety button and in it is ready to use in less than a minute.

Load area in action
- Length: 100cm
- Width: 58cm
- Side wall height: 28cm
- Weight: 13kg
- Load capacity: about 150 kg

Measurements collapsed
- Length: 104cm
- Width: 22cm (incl. wheels)
- Height: 55cm (incl. wheels)
- Material: aluminium

* Only available through SUNBOUNCE direct sales and only in Europe.

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