Absolutely professional lighting tools

The accessories developed by professionals for professionals make every photographer’s job quick, economic and productive. A wide range of accessories for the SUNBOUNCE LIGHTING SYSTEM enables you - whether you are a lone wolf or a team player - to create your lighting exactly according to your own personal wishes. Here you will find accessories that are perfectly tailored to the SUNBOUNCE LIGHTING SYSTEM.

  • If you want to attach a reflector to a tripod then you need a binder, a so-called GRIP-HEAD.
  • TUNING-CLIPS help you, in the quickest and simplest way, to manipulate your light by stably fixing the screen fabric you choose to the frames without the need for stitching.
  • When you want to quickly connect two SUNBOUNCE tubes together, you will love the DOUBLE-TUBE-CONNECTOR.

Allow yourself to be inspired by our GRIP accessories - developed for professionals by professionals. For secure hold and perfect connection - SUNBOUNCE-GRIPS are the perfect partners, which also protect the lightweight SUNBOUNCE tubes from harm. In the “GRIP” section you will find the optimal SUNBOUNCE accessories for your perfect SUNBOUNCE LIGHTING SYSTEM.


The FLASH-BRACKET is a valuable accessory for the SUNBOUNCE LIGHTING-SYSTEM. Never before has it been so easy to build a large and mobile panel light using SUNBOUNCE LIGHTING-SYSTEM components. A simple SUNBOUNCE FLASH-BRACKET, the length of which is adjustable, functions as a connection between the SUN-BOUNCER tube system and any portable flash or LED light. The SUNBOUNCE FLASH-BRACKET is available with normal, insulated flash shoe. The 5/8 spigot adapter as accessory.

Steve Thornton

Steve Thornton from Atlanta, Georgia fixed a Lumedyne flash onto a SUNBOUNCER MICRO-MINI with help of a FLASH-BRACKET and, using this structure, mixed available and flash light to perfection.

Mike Larson

Mike Larson from Santa Barbara, California lit this bridal couple at dusk with a SUN-BOUNCER MINI with ZEBRA material and using a FLASH-BRACKET connected system flash.

Adrian Jankowski

Adrian Jankowski

Adrian Jankowski photographed in Fürstenfeldbruck, near Munich, using two SUN-BOUNCER MINIs with ZEBRA material on tripods, equipped with two remotely controlled system flashes, each held by a FLASH-BRACKET.