BOUNCE-WALL "KIT-2" “Soft & Hard“

Ref.: BWS-B411
BOUNCE-WALL "KIT-2" “Soft & Hard“

The BOUNCE WALL is the smallest reflector in the SUNBOUNCE LIGHTING SYSTEM. It is unique, always with you and always positioned in the right place for the perfect MASTER PORTRAIT. The BOUNCE WALL creates lively and professional studio light with all pivotable attachable flash-units. The light of the BOUNCE WALL follows the 45/45 degree rule, ca. 45 degrees from the side and ca. 45 degrees from the top. From the left or from the right, further forward or further backward - it is your decision.
Six differently coated BOUNCE WALL REFLECTOR Boards (optional) or their white backsides provide many possibilities to enhance light and adapt it to the desired atmosphere. The BOUNCE WALL makes sure that you never have to do without the electronic interplay of camera and flash-unit. This guarantees perfectly lit, professional photographs - and you have to do almost nothing.

• The BOUNCE WALL allows for a clean, complete use of the TTL  control using the original contacts between camera and flash-unit without additional cables or expensive control devices. The weight of the camera always remains in the camera axis above its optical parts for stability.
• The BOUNCE WALL offers simple handling with immediate professional result.
• The BOUNCE WALL is as light as a feather, robust but also elastic and can avoid obstacles, like the twigs of a willow. It is compactly stowable and quick to put to use.
• With its professional function, the BOUNCE WALL is superior to every yoghurt pot-like attachable flash-unit.
• The BOUNCE-WALL professionalizes event and portrait photography in  a way not known before as well as colour enhancing.


The docu-video and a condensed version can be found here:


  • Total size: 8" x 11" / 21 x 29.7 cm
  • 1 x Reflector SILVER/WHITE
  • 1 x Reflector ZIG-ZAG SILVER/WHITE

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