BUTTERFLY 12x12 Frame

Ref.: 12B-000
BUTTERFLY 12x12 Frame

The SUN-SCRIM 12x12 frame:
This is a completely collapsible, very lightweight but extremely sturdy frame.

We have transferred our SUN-BOUNCE system onto the Hollywood Butterfly frames and you can save up to 50 % weight compared to conventional frames.

These special frames, made by hand from anodized aluminium, can be collapsed within two minutes to fit into an approx. 15 cm diameter bag. Here, too, our SUN-SCRIM items have a maximum length of 135cm and thus provide a solution that can easily be stored away as flight luggage or in the boot of a car.
Thanks to the unique and very stable steel connector with our double SAND GROOVE, assembly and dismantling even on the beach is possible without a problem. No more blockages through grains of sand! Another development by CALIFORNIA SUNBOUNCE.

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For instance for people photos, but also for shots of inanimate objects, anytime you wish or have to soften or reduce your light source. Used outdoors in daylight or in the studio with spotlights or flash, this diffusor can replace your light box (the material is so dense that hotspots are avoided). Also ideal for mirroring or soft brightening, or even as a background.


Your frame is a lightweight and therefore very user-friendly and well-suited for travel. However, it is important to remember that in outdoor application you are assembling exceptionally large sail, which always need to be protected against the wind. Sandbags on the tripods and a secure anchoring of the frame are essential with such large surface areas, even when the assembly takes place in still air conditions.

  • Total size: 12' x 12' / 366 x 366 cm

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