SUN-SCRIM 8x8 Screen Reflex Natural White (seamless)

Ref.: 000-0871
SUN-SCRIM 8x8 Screen Reflex Natural White (seamless)

Dimensions over all 244 x 244 cm / 8' x 8'


The NATURAL WHITE material creates a very natural light either as main light source, to reflect the sun or a spotlight onto the models or actors, or as a brightener for the part of the set opposite the sun. Its warm off-white colour is very skin-friendly and models and actors find it easy on the eyes.

Colour: Warm white

Custom-made. Delivery time approx. 10 working days.

  • Width outside (cm): 244
  • Length outside (cm): 244
  • Width inside (cm): 219
  • Length inside (cm): 219

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