Mike Larson DVD-1-4

Mike Larson DVD-1-4


 The key elements of successful photography

"These four MIKE LARSON PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS and LIGHTING LECTURE DVDs might turn out to be the cheapest yet most valuable investment in your photographic career. When used right, they can boost your business and will achieve unimagined (photographic) success!"

Wolfgang-Peter Geller, two-time WORLD PRESS PHOTO AWARD winner


DVD 1: Rise above the crowd! Enhance your leadership skills and reputation as a photographer.

Including 6 LIVE SHOOTS.

From Start-up To Success - The Most Influential Image - Studio Lounge - Leadership - Worst Light Of The Day - Integrity, Respect, Timing - Team Approach - Client Relation - Brand Yourself - Freedom For Yourself - Fun With Customers

DVD 2: Be a successful photographer! Develop your own style of shooting to success.

Including 4 LIVE SHOOTS.

Innovation - Directing - Camera Toss - Mike´s Bag Of Gear - Twitter, Facebook, Blogging - Old New Media ¬- Relationship & Influence - Avoid Postproduction - Efficient Selling - Pricing - Rim Light - Cooperation

DVD 3: Shoot right the first time - make that your goal! Use Mike Larson‘s magic tricks to land the big jobs. 

Including 6 LIVE SHOOTS.

Time Savers - Practice Sessions - Lighting Set-Ups - Shooting Style - Manipulate Light - Style And Vision - Posing - Camera Settings & Techniques - Create Masterpieces - SWATT The Light - Getting Clients - Popping Images - Assistants - Scenarios - Lead Your Clients.

DVD 4: Become successful as quickly as Mike Larson! Mike Shares His Greatest Secrets With You.

Including 9 LIVE SHOOTS.

Customer Evangelists - Mike´s Studio - Client Treatment - Growth Principals - Referral Based Business - Learn Fast - Move The Sun - Goals - Time & Profit - On Or In Your Business - Outsourcing - Exposure - Shooting Techniques - Business Charts

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