Ref.: 720-004

Using a sandbag adapter, up to three sandbags can be firmly attached to a lamp tripod. The sandbags no longer slide down the tripod legs and the tripod remains in a stable position – even in a strong wind. Perfectly controlled light at all times! Did you know that today’s saddle-shaped sandbags were developed in Hollywood 80 years ago? They were put onto the so-called C-Stand legs, which enabled the horizontal positioning of the sandbags, just like a saddle onto a horse’s back. Today, modern tripod legs are normally sloped and nobody really knows where to put the sandbags, so people try and squeeze them onto the tripod legs’ crossbars. Everybody has experienced this: more often than not you end up with injured knuckles.

Sand is not included.

  • 3 Sand bags
  • 1 Adapter

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