SUN-SWATTER MINI KIT Translucent -2/3rd (seamless)

Ref.: 150-155SSW
SUN-SWATTER MINI KIT Translucent -2/3rd (seamless)


The SUN-SWATTERs create a shadow that moves synchronously with the actors and models.  The unique SUN-SWATTERs can be recognised immediately because they look like a giant fly swatter hovering over the models. The contrast reducing SCREENs are held by a stable “U” -shaped aluminium frame, which is attached to a holding rod (BOOM-STICK) that can be adjusted in height. This construction provides mobility and a space-creating distance to the object. In mobile applications, the system is carried only by one assistant. A tripod is sufficient for static applications. The smart construction of the SUN-SWATTER is a further development of the SUNBOUNCE CLASSIC 3-D frame. The 3-dimensional “U” ensures that at least one side of the frame does not throw rod shadow.

The SUN-SWATTER is available in three sizes from 90 x 125 cm to 180 x 245 cm (3' x 4' to 6' x 8'):

MINI:    for portraits
PRO:   for full body images
BIG:     for groups
SPOT:  for portraits

  • Total size: 3' x 4' / 90 x 120 cm
  • Diffusion surface: 2.5' x 3.8' / 77 x 117 cm
  • Frame
  • Screen
  • Shoulder sling bag

2/3 Stop Silk

Reduces the contrast more than TRANSLUSCENT -1/3rd and makes wonderfully soft light. Good in combination with reflectors.

Colour: WHITE neutral without optical brightener

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