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Greg Gorman - undoubtedly one of world’s best photographers in his field - is offering two exciting workshops for photography enthusiasts at the 10th environmental photo festival “horizonte zingst” 2017.

Check out these videos to learn about his work: 

Workshop in Budapest

Workshop in Mendocino

Gorman’s work appears in international magazines and in top-class advertising campaigns, and it can be found in countless galleries. Particularly his nude photography and his shots of film and pop stars have made him famous. Hollywood's best-known faces stand and stood in line to have Gorman take their portraits. Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt, Sir Elton John, Andy Warhol, Sharon Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Jordan and Johnny Depp, to name just a few.

Goal: Perfect portrait and nude photos using ideal lighting in the style of Greg Gorman. Gorman and his team will work with participants, teaching them to shoot photos in their very own style. The participants will also learn how to communicate with the model in front of the camera to achieve the best results possible.

Please sign up online for the course.

Sign in on the day of the workshop: Please report to the “Max Hünten Haus Zingst” at least one hour before the workshop starts to receive additional information.

Where will the workshop take place?
Weather permitting, the workshop will be held outside, around the pier. Otherwise we will be working in the workshop studio on the top floor of the Kurhaus (spa building).

What should I bring with me?
Your favorite camera, lenses, memory cards, batteries and sunscreen.

Is there a model on site?
Yes, there will be at least one model available to the workshop group.

Can I use the pictures I take for my own purposes? Yes. Any photos you shoot during the workshop may be used as you please on your website (as long as they do not show bare breasts and/or crotch). It may be possible to reach separate personal agreements with the model.

Is the workshop right for my skill level?
Technical suitability: You should be familiar with the buttons on your camera and possess at least basic photography skills. Gorman and his team will be happy to help if you should have technical difficulties during the workshop. Just ask.

Note: Beautiful images will be created at this shooting. The models may be naked some of the time. If this makes you uncomfortable, we suggest that you book one of our other Photo workshops.


Date: May 26, 2017
4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Meeting point: Max Hünten Haus

Target group: SPECIAL
Creatively controlling models and light - Greg Gorman style
With SUNBOUNCE light enhancers and LED lamps.

Equipment: Your camera, batteries and memory cards

Price: 399 EURO

Participants: Maximum of 10
The workshop will be in English.. (Greg’s English is easy to understand)


Registration: Registration form


*These unique workshops are backed by no one less than two-time WORLD PRESS PHOTO AWARD winner and California Sunbounce founder Wolfgang-Peter Geller, applying his philosophy: "Workshops with the most successful - the best photography training in the world"